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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Catching up...

 Many things have happened since the last update, many memorable things and it would simply take too much time and effort to cover all of it in vivid detail so I'll just post one picture from each event that best represents each event.

This one is dedicated to Angela for coming up from SD to grab lunch with me and Sunny for being such a great waitress :) Thank you for the free ice cream Sunny

Curry Croquette, yum :)

Happy 21st birthday to Mr. Bunker Jr. and thank you Juddy for having us over to your great house.

This one is to Tyler, who was kind enough to have us over for a nice bonfire on such a cold night.

Most intense whip cream battle went down at Ryan's house. Thanks for having us over and hope your parents weren't too mad at you for having such a loud crowd.

Beer pong distractions are, at times, uncomfortable

All-you-can-eat sushi at Yamato sushi, where our group alone filled the sushi bar and all the booths on a Monday night. We gave them helluva night

In case any of you were wondering how my goal of a healthy diet is coming along.

What you see here is a cheese encased within a burger patty then deep fried as a whole with a ball of deep fried batter on the side.

Thank you Marcos for having us over to one of  the biggest parties I've been to all year. It is unfortunate that I failed to take any pictures from that specific night. But you get an honorable mention on my blog

and this is from quite possibly the second biggest party I've been to this year where I got to meet many great people. This is only one corner of the back yard.
aah the beer pong list.I really should cut down my alcohol consumption. Nah

Well with that I've caught up with my blog, more or less. The finals are over and so is the semester. Now we begin our winter break as we prepare for the upcoming semester.Till then, I say have fun to our heart's content. I have couple things coming up in the next month that I am looking forward to myself. Too bad life don't always follow your plan.

I will try to upload more often but no more empty promises.
Till then, Ciao

Sunday, November 21, 2010

That is all

Unfortunately my camera was malfunctioning so I was unable to post anything for awhile. Now that I got myself a new camera, I should have things posted more often.

Yup, after years of watching this movie we finally get to see Emma Watson's side boob. Was it worth watching all the previous movies? You betcha. If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend that you get out of your rock and go watch this. If you didn't like the movie, I guarantee that you will like Emma Watson.

In case you were wondering how my healthy diet was going...

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This just may be the best Halloween I have ever had thus far. We went from Trick-or-Treating in elementary and middle school to being too-old-to-trick-or-treat in high school to finally going to Halloween parties in college. So now I say, screw the candy, give me some booze. Not to mention the sexy, cool, and even actually scary costumes in college parties are way better than your neighbor's kid's spider-man outfit.

Starting this year's Halloween at... oh yes the infamous Universal Studio itself

Can't have much fun on an empty stomach (well at least not I) and our choice of dining is this Italian restaurant on City Walk

Food was average and price was outrageously high. For example, this very small calamari appetizer with a huge bowl of sauce cost us fourteen whopping dollars. Worse part? tasted just like the three dollar calamari appetizer at our local sushi restaurant but way smaller.

Not only was I unsatisfied with our meal, we realized that a certain "individual" lost her wallet. Okay we obviously didn't start the night so hot but it turned out to be much much better than I had ever expected it to be. Mostly due to this ride.
I'd been drooling over this ride since it was first built but never had the chance to ride it. This excitement was mostly fueled by the fact that I had been a HUGE fan of The Simpsons growing up; so much so that I would throw a fit if I missed either of the two episodes that were aired every weekdays and would throw a even bigger fit if i missed the new episode every Sunday. So needless to say, when I entered this ride I lost my posture and acted more excited than a kid at a candy store.

Outside this happy part of Hollywood studio was a frightening yet exciting Halloween themed Hollywood Studio.

By far this was the most fun I have had in a very long time.
I'd love to keep telling my stories about how fun it was but its time to move on.

At this certain party a "special" guest decided to stop by.

Even the North Korean Dictator needs to take a break from his nuke and his plan to take over the world.

There were so many well done costumes at this party that deserved a picture on my blog; however, it would probably flood the whole page so just check it out on my facebook album starting here.

This was the final, but definitely just as memorable, party of Halloween this year. This party was great because there were so many great people. I had the opportunity to meet such great people and make friends with them (while I was sober, GASP)

You can also view the photos from this party on my facebook starting here.

Although there are many more things I can add to this year's Halloween stories I am far too exhausted; so I bid you a good night. Till next time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yeah so not going to lie, I totally got caught up in life and completely forgot about the blog. There has been soooo many things going on this month and I was just enjoying the flow so forgive me :)

 As mentioned in the previous post I recently celebrated my 21st birthday. 21st birthday inevitably lead to cakes and drinking, lots of it in fact.
However, as unfortunate as it may be my birthday landed on a weekday this year and just so happens to be the day of my midterm. Not only was not able to drink on my birthday night, I was unable to even celebrate it. However I was able to make up for it by enjoying the weekend to the fullest.

The first two days of my birthday was spent with my awesome family

This just may be the very first birthday balloon I've ever received

And definitely the first time trying a sweet potato cake, it is beyond delicious. If you haven't so already, I would highly recommend you do so, Thanks Hannah for the cake

Thank you auntie for this delicious Marie Callender's NY Cheese cake

Although the dinner and dessert was fantastic, 21st birthday would never be complete without some alcohol

My very first "legal" drink, not that I've ever drank before, ahem. I owe my very first drink to my friends Kyle and Nicole, thanks guys

After the fulfilling sushi dinner, Nicole was kind enough to have me over at her house for some birthday drinking.
What better way to celebrate than with a bottle of champagne? (Also a gift from Nicole)

Can't forget about this guy here. This guy and his girl drove from San Diego to join me for my birthday, thanks kyle (different from kyle mentioned above)

There are more pictures from this particular event on my facebook so go check it out there.

As so happens two other friends of mine also has their birthdays in October so we decided to make a miniature road trip to San Diego. Unfortunately, much to my mistake I was unable to take any pictures. I had thought for the entire trip that I had lost my camera only to find it under the car seat afterward. I did, however, manage to get one picture from the entire trip

That's right, fridge full of beer. That wasn't the half of it either, we also had a bathtub full of hard liquor and weak drinks alike. That wasn't the only thing we did though. Although I do not have any pictures to show it but our friend Jeanette (the birthday girl, you get a special mention in my blog ^^) to a Halloween haunted house event which consisted of waiting in line, waiting in line, and more waiting in line followed by some screaming. It was well made and planned out but the waiting just wasn't worth all that. But let's put all the complaining aside now.
Again, due to epic fail on my part, There are no more pictures for me the show so I guess I'll end this post here.
FYI, there are going to be sooo much more pictures for Halloween in comparison to my pictures so look forward to it, may it be days or weeks after Halloween.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So many things have happened since the last post, mostly due to the fact that I haven't updated the blog in awhile, so I'll just show a gist of it

I haven't had a LA trip in awhile so thought we should check it out and look for my Halloween costume while at it.
Think of Mitsuwa as a Japanese version of Korean Galleria Market. This place had delicious curry katsu.

Good ol' Ramune

Browsing through China Town for my Halloween costume

Though I couldn't find what I was looking for, it was nice spending time outdoors and getting some delish food.

Next day....
Chilling by the pool

and rediscovering my childhood at a McDonald Playhouse

As some of you may have known, there was a show going on featuring LMFAO and Kevin Rudolph on CSUN Campus. I couldn't let this pass considering how much I enjoy listening to LMFAO (and it was only $5!)

Such a huge crowd...

I somehow managed dig through the suffocating crowd and get to the very front

 As always, I've been procrastinating on my school work, like starting an essay given to us a month prior. I always seem to find an excuse to get away from doing it; like going out to eat

And picking pomegranate from a friend's back yard

On a side note, my uncle came to the states and brought me "some" snacks from korea
Someone forgot to tell him I'm trying to watch my weight

With my 21st birthday ever so fast approaching I should have some interesting things to post afterward

Monday, September 27, 2010

Preparing for Epic

As some of you may know, my 21st birthday is right around the corner. Since 21st birthday is more special than any other birthdays it is only suiting to celebrate it with something equally epic.

Something this epic requires some preparation and this man is going to help me with a part of it
Wearing a pair of Nike with a suit isn't fancy at all so I had to get my hands on some dress shoes. Being the best uncle there is, he decided to buy me a dress shoe worth msrp $250 and a fancy $85 wallet.

Unfortunately, he had to catch a flight back to Korea that same night. I did, however, get a nice dinner and a drink at a cafe out of him before he left.

Something about this cafe was unique

Thanks for everything! Come visit us in the states again next year and we'll have a drink together.

Next day...

Now that I finally have dress shoes, I decided to go to LA for a matching suit
However, satisfying my hunger comes before all else.

This Ton-Katsu specialty restaurant was rather pricey but the food was filling and very delish. Probably the best katsu I have ever eaten

With my stomach full, my search for a suit continued and succeeded. 
I know how much you guys want to see me in this handsome outfit but you'll just have to wait 'till my birthday

On a side note, Sale fail

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Long Overdue

There has been so many things that I've been doing but I've just been putting off blogging about it. Now that I have some free time, accompanied by boredom, I'll get caught up on some things

The past two weeks have been nothing but "good bye" and "see you again sometime."

Chan's father was kind enough to buy us dinner before he left for college.
Have fun in college buddy.

Later that night, a certain troubled boy needed help with his math homework so I decided to go out of my way to rescue him. Turned out to be a total failure.... Sorry buddy

 What better way to cheer ourselves up than to drown ourselves in alcohol?

 Almost got caught by the popo making these and turned out tasting horrible but nothing a spoons after spoons of sugar can't fix

 Only good tasting mojito happened to be mine. Thank you one dollar box of Ralph's sugar

On the very last day before departing we decided to get caught up on things we haven't had the chance to do. Such as, oh I don't know, going full on Office Space on a old computer tower? If you haven't watched Office Space yet, I highly recommend you doing so. But for now, this video will suffice as an explanation if you have not seen it already.

Proudly delivering the first blow

The Aftermath

The tower didn't go down without a fight

Drinking and chatting it up for one last time

I'm going to miss these nonchalant days with these guys but as they say, all things must come to an end.